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How resilient are you?

Author: ICAEW Insights

Published: 25 Feb 2021

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Do you find it easy to stay positive when things don’t go according to plan? Put your adaptability to the test with our quick quiz


You’ve worked hard on a report, but when you submit it, your boss asks you to redo it. How do you feel?

  • A Disappointed, but you’re determined to make a better job of it this time
  • B Gutted. What’s the point in trying so hard when you can’t get it right?
  • C Ask for more constructive feedback and help with improving it


You fail one of your exams. How do you feel?

  • A You’re not really surprised, you know you weren’t as prepared as you should be
  • B You think you might give up. It’s just too difficult
  • C Don’t be too hard on yourself, these exams are really tough. You’ll try again next time


You’re finding work really stressful and have a particularly difficult day. When your best friend calls that evening, do you:

  • A Let her take your mind off it with her news – it’s too boring to go into
  • B Don’t mention your problems, you don’t want to worry her
  • C Be honest about what happened and how it made you feel. She always knows the right thing to say


You’re fed up with lockdown and having to live, work and study in the same place. Do you:

  • A Get into the habit of staying up late watching Netflix – you don’t have to be at work in the morning after all
  • B Look forward to a drink (or three) at the end of the day to take the edge off
  • C Make sure you get out for some fresh air and exercise every day


You’ve just found out that your next exam is going to be delayed due to lockdown. How do you feel?

  • A Oh well, you can take a break from studying and worry about it later
  • B This is a disaster. It’s so unfair that things keep changing
  • C It’s a blessing in disguise – you can continue working towards it and you’ll be better prepared


The pressures of work and studying are mounting and you’re feeling increasingly stressed and panicky. Do you:

  • A Try and think of some practical things that might help – maybe you could try meditation?
  • B Tell yourself to toughen up. Everyone is struggling at the moment
  • C Have an honest conversation with your manager and ask what support is available


Mostly As

You’ve shown some resilience, but there’s always room for improvement. Try our top tips.

Mostly Bs

With a bit of practice you can improve your resilience. Read our top tips article.

Mostly Cs

Well done – you’re a positive person who shows resilience in the face of change. Find out more in our article.

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