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Eight of the best… ACA student benefits

Author: ICAEW Insights

Published: 30 Mar 2023

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There are many benefits to having the ACA qualification – but there are also many you can take advantage of while studying for it. Here are some of the top perks and support you will receive while training with ICAEW.

1) TOTUM PRO card

As an ACA student, you can get discounts on over 350 brands online, as well as on the high street, by using the TOTUM PRO card and app. Card holders can save money on fashion, technology, eating out, travel and health and fitness. Exclusive offers are available as a TOTUM PRO member, and the app is available on both Android and Apple devices. Whether it’s 10% off your food shop or 20% off new trainers, a little goes a long way!

2) Support from caba

Feeling under pressure? caba, the charity that supports the wellbeing of the chartered accountant community, can help. The moment you start your ACA training, you become eligible for caba’s services. Whether it’s personal or professional, you can book sessions with registered counsellors, legal advisers, career coaches and debt advisers. caba also provides financial assistance through grants and donations, ranging from home repairs to ICAEW subscriptions. There’s also a range of free self-development courses, from improving your wellbeing, to money management, to establishing your personal brand. 

3) Finance in a Digital World

Digital technologies are rapidly transforming business and the economy, and finance professionals need to be able to keep up. ICAEW and Deloitte have produced a collection of learning modules – Finance in a Digital World – and students get free access to them. Through videos, case studies and interactive exercises, you will explore the applications of new technologies and the way finance roles are changing. As AI, blockchain, robotics, and predictive analytics continue to develop, it’s crucial that accountants learn how to professionally assess the opportunities and risks they pose. 

4) ICAEW communities

Stay connected by joining one of ICAEW’s many communities, free of charge. These specialist communities offer insights, guidance and networking to support your career interests. The Excel Community, in particular, includes online training and tutorials, guidance on which functions to use in different finance roles, and a forum where you can ask for advice. While spreadsheets may not always excite, knowing how and when to best use them is an essential skill for a finance professional. There are dozens more communities to choose from, too, spanning healthcare, small business, global trade, women in finance, and more. Whatever your interests, there’s something for you. 

5) MyICAEW app

Download the exclusive MyICAEW app, available to all members and students, allowing you to access a range of benefits. By using the app, you will be able to view exam results, read the latest Student Insights articles, get involved in the community forum with fellow students, download Tax tables and listen to the latest podcasts.

6) Student societies

Student societies – run by students for students – offer a mixture of social, sporting, professional and educational events. They are a great way to stay connected with fellow students and share your feedback with the ICAEW. The societies are determined geographically, and you will have been assigned to your local society when you started your training.

7) ACA exam resources

The ACA exams are designed to test your knowledge across a broad range of topics in accountancy, finance and business. ICAEW have collated resources to help you best prepare for them. These walk you through everything from the exam software used to a list of recommended tuition providers. ICAEW also publishes learning materials covering all of the subjects featured in the modules, as well as the latest ACA syllabus. 

8) Student Insights

Student Insights is the place to come for inspiration and information, regularly publishing top tips for studying and interviews with ICAEW students and members. By keeping up to date with Student Insights, you’ll get an inside look at the profession, whether it’s advice from an industry professional, reflections from fellow students, or a breakdown of the latest developments in accountancy. Student Insights goes beyond academia, exploring the lives, goals and skills of people at all stages in their ACA journey.  

Find more information on support, resources and perks by visiting ICAEW’s student support and benefits hub. 

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