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Your year in ICAEW CFAB

Author: ICAEW Insights

Published: 30 Nov 2023

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ICAEW CFAB is the perfect introduction to accountancy. Take a look at the stories and resources that Student Insights has shared throughout 2023.

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January: Exam centre versus remote invigilation: Certificate Level/ICAEW CFAB

We began the year by exploring the benefits of sitting your exams remotely or in an exam centre. It’s important to us that you are able to complete examinations in a comfortable setting that suits your preferences and accommodates any accessibility requirements. Whatever your choice, support will be on hand to guide you through the process, and you can expect a consistent experience to be provided.

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March: The ICAEW CFAB checklist

As spring arrived, so did our checklist for ensuring you get the most from your ICAEW CFAB experience. The checklist shares all the ICAEW resources you need to make the journey as smooth as possible. Prepare for the year ahead by accessing exam resources, the ICAEW CFAB student planner, student guides and an explainer of the Ethics Learning Programme. Our checklist is a complete guide to help you get ahead.

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March: 5 reasons to complete ICAEW CFAB

Whether it’s personal or professional commitments filling your schedule, ICAEW CFAB is a flexible way to pursue your interest in accountancy. In March, we shared the top five reasons to stay the course and complete ICAEW CFAB. Not only will you achieve a valuable qualification in its own right, but you’ll also be well prepared for moving on to the ACA.

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October: The lowdown on… exam resources

There’s a wealth of material to support you through the ICAEW CFAB exams and, as autumn arrived, we collected them all together in one place. Visit our lowdown article to access everything you need to approach ICAEW CFAB, as well as ACA, exams with confidence. You’ll find Syllabus and Technical Knowledge Grids, technical requirements for remote invigilation, top tips from tutors, and much more.

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October: What’s it like to… qualify later in life

In October, we met Kate Kennerson to learn her story of studying for ICAEW CFAB and now the ACA qualification. Kate’s story demonstrates that there is no single journey to chartered accountancy and that your studies can adapt to your circumstances, rather than the other way around. Kate shares how ICAEW CFAB acted as a vital stepping stone to pursue her interest in accountancy and set herself up for a career in the sector.

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