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The ICAEW CFAB checklist

Author: ICAEW Insights

Published: 28 Feb 2023

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Studying for the ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business? Here are the resources that will help you complete the qualification smoothly.

1. Study and exam resources

There are a number of ICAEW CFAB exam resources available online. You can access webinars introducing each exam, and sample exams and errata sheets for each module. The exam syllabus is also available, as well as study guides and articles that include exam top tips.

2. ICAEW CFAB student planner

Designed to help you plan ahead and stay organised throughout the year, this planner allows you to schedule your exams. The planner can help you record the days you plan to study, either through a tuition provider or by self-study.

3. ICAEW CFAB student guides 

This series of guides tells you everything you need to know about completing the ICAEW CFAB. The welcome guide provides an overview of the qualification and tips from tutors. Further guides explain how to book, cancel or reschedule an exam, and each exam has its own guide (see below). 

4. The Ethics Learning Programme

Ethics is integrated in all ICAEW qualifications, as trust and integrity underpin the work of accountants and finance professionals. ICAEW’s Ethics Learning Programme is strongly recommended for all ICAEW CFAB students as it will improve your ability to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. The programme includes six modules, with practice questions and progress tests to assess knowledge and understanding.

5. Podcasts

ICAEW produces two monthly podcast series to help ensure Members and Students are staying abreast of developments in accountancy and finance. There are also a range of external podcasts, including the FT News Briefing and AccountingWEB’s No Accounting for Taste, which provide insights on the world of business.

6. The two ICAEW CFAB exam guides

In these guides, tutors share their insights on the six ICAEW CFAB exams, outlining the format of each exam and the syllabus breakdown. They also offer the ‘inside track’ on each exam – their advice on what the exam covers, what you need to know in detail and why it is important for chartered accountants to understand.

Learn more about the benefits of completing the ICAEW CFAB.

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