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Strategic degrees are partnerships between ICAEW, universities and employers which integrate elements of the ACA qualification into a degree course. This means that students graduate with part of the ACA completed and, in some cases, work experience too.

Explore the benefits of offering strategic degrees

  • Attract and retain talented employees

Stand out as an employer of choice for the candidates you want to attract. 

  • Reduced training times

Students who have completed strategic degrees may be eligible to apply for exemptions based on their previous studies and experience.

  • Develop business professionals

The business-essential skills and work experience gained while completing a strategic degree can help your employees adapt more easily to a working environment.

How do strategic degrees work?

Strategic degrees allow organisations to offer students studying academic qualifications pathways towards achieving ICAEW qualifications. 

There are different types of strategic degrees available:

  1. Employer Affiliated Programmes - Employer Affiliated Programmes offer courses to students that are exclusively tied to an employer, with work experience integrated within the programme.
  2. ACA Strategic Credits - Programmes listed as ACA Strategic Credits allow students on the course to receive credit for prior learning against certain ACA exams. 
  3. Integrated Learning Programmes - Integrated Learning Programmes offer students a variety of professional opportunities and benefits during both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. These can include placement opportunities, where students can begin their work experience with an ICAEW Authorised Training Employer, embedding ICAEW qualifications such as ICAEW CFAB or tuition towards ACA exams.
  4. Placement Programmes - We work closely with a number of institutions to help students gain valuable work experience which can count towards their ACA training.

Getting started as an ICAEW Authorised Training Employer

  1. Want to learn more about becoming an Authorised Training Employer? 
    If you have any questions or would like to speak to our dedicated support team before making an application, you can request a call to discuss your training options.
  2. Ready to become an Authorised Training Employer?
    If you’re ready to become authorised, please complete the relevant application form.
  3. Next steps 
    We will contact you to arrange a meeting with a training manager who will explain our training standards, check that you meet them and provide you with guidance on your roles and responsibilities. Once your application has been approved, you will be able to start training students.
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