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Author: ICAEW

Published: 16 Feb 2022

Since implementing ACA training back in 1989, Gravita has used this highly recognised qualification to develop and retain top talent for over 30 years.

Company profile

Gravita are based in central London. A full-service accountancy practice delivering expert tax and business advice, auditing, bookkeeping and accounting services. As an award-winning firm, Gravita’s team provide invaluable clear and SMART support to countless businesses, from sole traders through to large companies both here in the UK and internationally.

Gravita have been training the ACA qualification since 1989. As ICAEW members, and Partners at Gravita, John Donohoe and Richard Durell have experienced studying the ACA qualification first-hand. Gravita currently have 35 trainees, which include Level 4 Accounting Technician and Level 7 Accountancy Professional apprentices.

Value of the ACA

Gravita really value the ACA qualification within the organisation, especially given their Chartered status. Richard comments on the perception of the ACA qualification and the prestige associated with ICAEW, alongside the qualification leading to varied roles both within the firm and across a career. The ACA qualification sets up a career to involve continual professional development with CPD courses and other opportunities as an ICAEW member. 

Supporting Trainees

Gravita support their trainees by pairing them with a mentor throughout their training. This provides trainees with informal feedback, guidance, and advice. Alongside the ACA qualification, trainees have the opportunity to continually develop with internal and external training courses. Amy Gosbee, Audit and Accounts Senior, who has recently qualified with ICAEW, will be the Counsellor for Gravita in 2022.

Trainees meet with John every six months for appraisal meetings to review progress, and any additional training and development needs. This is also the time the Ethics Learning Programme is discussed and reviewed, with knowledge developing over time.


Gravita see the value in attracting talent by offering the ACA qualification. It’s a driving factor for applications, with shortlisted applicants being invited to an assessment centre, and a range of different sessions throughout the day.

The firm utilise the ICAEW Training Vacancies platform within their recruitment strategy, using the platform to advertise their roles to potential candidates. Amy used this platform to find her training position with Gravita four years ago.

Accessing resources

Gravita have regularly made use of the additional resources available, including the access to CABA, who have run in-house training sessions for students.

Skills developed

For Amy, the problem-solving skills in exams has really stood out aside from the technical skills also developed. The Financial Accounting and Reporting exam allowed Amy to draw on the technical value, and the Advanced Level exams built upon this. Amy commented that this helped her significantly as it was aligned to the practical experience and scenario that she regularly faces. Amy also benefited from the six-monthly reviews.

Link with ICAEW

Richard has recently been involved in the Developing Leaders in Practice programme, joining an event at Chartered Accountants Hall to speak about his experience on the programme previously, including how Gravita are involved in additional opportunities with ICAEW.

Alongside offering the ACA qualification, John comments on the framework of ICAEW CPD opportunities once qualified, providing continuous learning and development for members: "Across the firm, there is a real value to be had in our link with ICAEW, this includes both for our ACA trainees and, of course, the further career opportunities and progression for members."

Future talent

Gravita are continuing to train the ACA qualification, with additional trainees joining next year. Building a pipeline of future talent is important to Gravita and in line with their core values.

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