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Testimonials about the Diploma in Charity Accounting

Find out what others are saying about the Diploma in Charity Accounting.

Diploma in Charity Accounting (DChA) FAQs

Frequently asked questions on the Diploma in Charity Accounting (DChA).

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Experience route

Daniel Chan DChA, ACA

Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“The ICAEW Diploma in Charity Accounting was a clear and structured way to formally validate and endorse my achievements and expertise in the charity sector.

The key benefit of completing this qualification was that it gave me the opportunity to reflect on the range of different areas in which I have worked with charities. This has also enabled me to consider how I can apply my skills and experience more widely and continue to make a positive impact in the charity sector."

Stuart McKay DChA, ACA

Senior Manager, MHA MacIntyre Hudson and Member Board of Trustees, Brain Tumour Research

"I was drawn to the DChA as it offered me the chance to clearly demonstrate my experience within the charity sector. As a charity practitioner and a trustee I know first-hand the complexities of the sector and find the Diploma a differentiating factor as it demonstrates a person’s capabilities and knowledge of the sector.

I actively encourage members of my team to undertake the DChA as we are a dedicated sector team and it offers our clients and potential client demonstrable evidence that we are experts in the sector.

When completing my diploma it offered me the opportunity to reflect on the diverse nature of the work that I perform. It is not often we take stock of our achievements and the Diploma offered me a moment of reflection and was one of the catalysts in my decision to become a Trustee. Having felt that I did not have the experience needed to become a Trustee, the Diploma forced me to recognise that I had something more to offer the sector. Now in my 6th year of Trusteeship I am forever grateful of the confidence that the Diploma gave me."

Nicholas Brooks DChA, FCA

Partner - Head of Not For Profit, Kingston Smith LLP

"There is no doubt that this Diploma will be much sought after by business and accounting professionals who want a respected set of initials after their name to recognise their achievements and expertise in this sector. The charity sector is very specialised and the charities themselves both as employers and clients will recognise the value of the award when assessing their employees and advisers."

Hilary Julian DChA, FCA

Director, Carpenter Box LLP

"The Diploma in Charity Accounting is a wonderful achievement and a great endorsement. Since I received the award, I have included the DChA designation on my business cards, and always mention it when speaking to charity clients and contacts. In addition, it is referred to in my profile on our website and in proposal documents for potential charity clients. I also present seminars to charity officers and trustees and I think it adds to my credibility when I say I have it." 

Philip Griffiths DChA, FCA

Partner, Mitchell Charlesworth Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

“The Diploma in Charity Accounting is widely recognised as leading the field and is held by those who are at the very top of their profession. It demonstrates that holders have a specialist understanding of accounting for the charity sector, and who will also play an important role in raising and recognising standards.”

Elliot Harris DChA, FCA

Partner, Chantrey Vellacott DFK and ICAEW Disciplinary Committee member

"The Diploma in Charity Accounting demonstrates that the holders have a specialist understanding of charity accounting and finance within a strategic, policy and governance context, and as such will play an important role in raising and recognising standards. The charity sector has become much more professional over the last few years and it is essential that we who work with and in charities in the accounting field match that new professionalism."

Keith Hickey DChA

Group Director Resources, RNIB

"I am delighted to give my full support to the ICAEW Diploma in Charity Accounting. This is a leading qualification in the charity finance field and offers recognition of the specialist knowledge and experience acquired by holders of the award."

Fiona Young DChA

Head of Resources, Tudor Trust

"Both charities and charity accounting have changed beyond recognition over the last ten years. This raises unique challenges for those advising and working with charities. The ICAEW diploma identifies those who have the knowledge and experience required to fully understand these challenges and make an effective contribution within the sector."

Carolyn Quail DChA, FCA

Financial Services Coordinator, United Bible Societies

"The Diploma in Charity Accounting has helped me to validate the depth, breadth and value of my experience and has demonstrated my continuing interest in my professional development to my employer. In essence the Diploma has been a helpful review of how far I have come and will now help me to consider my future steps."

Study route

Cara Turtington DChA, ACA

Saffery Champness Chartered Accountants

“Undertaking the DChA through the study route at Cass Business School was a great experience and a chance to share knowledge with others working in charity finance. I now feel I have a more rounded view of the issues my clients face and can approach Trustee meetings with more confidence. All of the tutors have practical experience as well as academic knowledge and this really helps when applying your learning in the real world.”

Marina Phillips DChA, FCA

St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney

“The wide choice of assignment topics offered in the course enabled me to address real life issues facing me in my own working environment, making it hugely beneficial not only to my own personal and professional development, but also to my employer.”

Paul Butler DChA

“Since qualifying, I have used the DChA and MSc to achieve my goal of moving into a finance director role. I felt that both qualifications were essential in achieving this move, as they made my CV very attractive to employers. The skills, managerial techniques and realisation of the charity world’s regulatory environment and issues have proved invaluable in my career.“