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ICAEW's Financial Controllers' Update 2021

Planning protection into your agility

Logo of FISCAL Technologies partner at ICAEW's Financial Controllers Conference 2020

Speakers: Ray Welsh

Schedule: 18 May 2021 00:00 - 23:59 BST

Resilience, adaptability, agility – on your priority list for the next few years, but what’s missing?

As you make adjustments to support the organisation, each change in process or system introduces risk. New ways for errors can be introduced and weaknesses in controls can be exposed.

In this on demand session, you will hear how building a risk detection safety net to identify any exceptions in your accounts payable processing supports greater agility. It also provides finance teams with the confidence to make bold and timely changes.

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Ray Welsh is Head of Product Marketing at FISCAL Technologies and a speaker at ICAEW Financial Controllers Conference 2021
Ray Welsh Head of Product Marketing, FISCAL Technologies

Ray is a market development leader with 25 years of experience in enterprise business-to-business software vendors, focused on go-to-market strategy and product strategy. He has worked extensively with advanced analytics solutions in the finance and healthcare sectors.

Financial Controllers' Conference partner
Logo of FISCAL Technologies a partner of ICAEW's Financial Controllers Conference 2020
About FISCAL Technologies

FISCAL Technologies is a world leading provider of forensic financial solutions and services that empower P2P and Shared Service teams across the globe to protect organisational spend from loss due to fraud and error.

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