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The ICAEW has partnered with Nebula Learning to create GCSE maths worksheets that use real-world scenarios to explore curriculum topics

  • About the resources

    25% of GCSE maths exam questions involve applying maths to real-world contexts. Pupils typically struggle with these questions the most.

    We have developed resources that apply topics from the GCSE maths curriculum to a broad range of real-world scenarios. The resources aim to help pupils prepare for their GCSE maths exams through engagement with the real-life application of maths.

    We have mapped the resources against the UK national curriculum as well as the OCR, AQA and Edexcel curricula to identify areas of the GCSE maths syllabus that refer to real-world contexts.

    The 15 worksheets are suitable for use as individual question practice, group activities, or homework. We have also provided a detailed answer sheet for each worksheet.

    The resources are free and available to download for all schools across the UK.