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Corporate Finance qualification (CFq)

ICAEW in partnership with the CISI has created the most progressive series of programmes for the development and recognition of corporate finance expertise.

From the Certificate in Corporate Finance to the full CF qualification and beyond, these programmes progressively equip the most talented individuals with the practical knowledge, skills and expertise, adding to their day to day business experience and enhancing the value they can bring to the organisations they work with.

Certificate in Corporate Finance 

The Certificate in Corporate Finance is an important first step in developing the essential basic knowledge required for being involved in corporate finance. This certificate meets the FSA’s mandatory exam requirements for those advising on investments in the course of corporate finance business. 

Diploma in Corporate Finance

This diploma is suitable for ICAEW Chartered Accountants or Certificate in Corporate Finance holders, and is now recognised by the FCA as meeting the full qualification requirement to equip talented individuals with advanced corporate finance knowledge, skills and expertise.

The Corporate Finance qualification

The Corporate Finance qualification confirms the expertise and experience of leading specialists in corporate finance, and is open to holders of the Diploma in Corporate Finance who can demonstrate that they meet the eligibility requirements.