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Accountancy Ancestors: The Accountant Irish Supplement

The Accountant Irish Supplement arose out of the need for a medium for the exchange of news and views with an Irish slant, particularly with the 'progressive disparity between the legislation relating to companies, taxation and death duties respectively, of Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Great Britain.' (Herbert E. A. Addy in The Accountant Irish Supplement, January 12th 1952).

Accountancy Ancestors

The Accountancy Ancestors database provides an index to obituaries, portraits and other resources held in the collection of the ICAEW Library & Information Service.

To request a copy of an entry from the index, please contact the enquiry desk:

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History of the journal

The Accountant Irish Supplement was first published on 12 January 1952 (Volume 1, No 1). From the outset it was intended that twelve issues would be published each year, though not always at regular intervals.

The final issue was published on 22 October 1955 (Vol 4. No 46). The costs of printing and publishing had proved prohibitive. The editors stated that the supplement had 'never been an economic proposition' but the rise in costs now made the continued publication of the supplement impossible.

Accountancy Ancestors



Obituaries and biographical profiles

38 entries are included in the obituaries/biographical profiles index from the supplement.


16 portraits are listed in the portraits index from the supplement.


Two further illustrations are listed in the illustrations index from the supplement.