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Accountancy Ancestors: The Accountant

Information on the obituaries, illustrations and portraits from The Accountant that are indexed in the Accountancy Ancestors database.

The Accountant was first published by Alfred Gee as an independent journal for the profession in October 1874. As the profession developed it received recognition as the independent weekly journal for Chartered Accountants and accountants across the world.

History of the journal

The Accountant began life as a monthly publication, but switched to a weekly publication date from January 1875. The Accountant developed a reputation for campaigning on issues of importance for accountants from the very first edition, which carried a call for accountants to lay aside their rivalries and work together to build the reputation of the profession.

Alfred Gee was keen to establish the independent stance of the newly established journal, persuading a number of societies to advertise in order to negate the idea that the journal was the organ of any particular society. Although the journal was an independent publication, the ICAEW recognised the value of the journal and in 1890 the Council encouraged members to become subscribers and to submit material for publication. GEE & Co. continued to publish The Accountant until they were acquired in the 1980s.

The Accountant is today published as a monthly newsletter by Timetric.

Accountancy Ancestors



Obituaries and biographical profiles index

2890 obituaries are listed in the obituaries and biographical notes/profiles index from this journal.

The index includes all obituaries published within the journal except for one line announcements of death and most references to deaths made in Council sessions. The listing extends beyond chartered accountants and includes some persons of prominence in the wider accountancy profession, the legal profession, government and society.

A selection of biographical notes/profiles have been included for some of the later volumes of The Accountant.

In the First World War the obituaries published within 'The Roll of Honour' also included articled clerks and sons of accountants.

Portaits index

1197 portraits are listed in the portraits index from this journal.

The portraits index includes details of photographs of individual members/prominent figures in society, named members in group photographs and caricatures published in the journal.

Illustrations index

613 assorted illustrations are listed in the illustrations index from this journal.

A number of non-portrait photographs were published in the journal, ranging from a photograph of competitors at the Institute Jubilee Golf Meeting in 1930 to a photograph of river scenery in Rangoon. These are included in the list of general illustrations.

First World War

The Accountant published two columns during the First World War - 'Roll of Honour' and 'News from the Front'. The column 'Roll of Honour' listed individuals who were missing, killed in action, wounded or who had been awarded medals. The column 'News from the front' included details of individuals who had received commissions, were awarded medals or who were recognised for their bravery. The level of information provided varies from entry to entry, but in many cases there is more detail in the journal. Details for 929 individuals are recorded in our First World War index from this source (615 recording deaths, 314 recording other news).

The index also includes details of deaths reported in council meetings (the index records these as 'Reported in Council') but there are no further details for these entries.

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Accountancy Ancestors

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