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Assessing and mitigating business risks in India

Explores the business opportunities offered by India and the challenges and risks involved.

Better business decisions using cost modeling

Discusses the benefits of using cost modeling for procurement, operations, and supply chain professionals.

Bridging the culture gap

A practical guide to international business communication.

Business intelligence: making decisions through data analytics

A guide on how to apply data warehousing and data analytics to support business decision making.

Cost accounting for dummies

This book tracks to a typical cost accounting course and provides in-depth explanations and reviews of the essential concepts you'll encounter in cost accounting.

Cost management and control in government: fighting the cost war through leadership driven management

A guide to cost-based decision making for governments.

Culturally intelligent leadership: essential concepts to effectively lead and manage cultural interactions

A guide to cultural intelligence for managers, written from a US perspective.

Doing business in the ASEAN countries

A practical guide to doing business in the newly emerging economies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Doing business with Bahrain: a guide to investment opportunities and business practice

A guide to working with and within the country of Bahrain.

Doing business with Croatia

A guide to working with and within Croatia.

Doing business with Estonia

A guide to working with and within Estonia.

Doing business with Hungary

A guide to working with and within Hungary.

Doing business with Jordan

A guide to working with and within Jordan.

Doing business with Latvia

A guide to working with and within Latvia.

Doing business with Lithuania

A guide to working with and within Lithuania.

Doing business with Malta

A guide to working with and within Malta.

Doing business with Poland

A guide to working with and within Poland.

Doing business with Saudi Arabia

A guide to working with and within Saudi Arabia.

Doing business with Slovakia

A guide to working with and within Slovakia.

Doing business with the Czech Republic

A guide to working with and within the Czech Republic.

Doing business with the Republic of Cyprus

A guide to working with and within the Republic of Cyprus.

Doing business with the United Arab Emirates

A guide to working with and within the UAE.

Executive's primer on the strategy of social networks, An

A book on social networking from a US perspective.

Exit right: achieving a golden goodbye by realising the maximum value for your business

A guide for business owners, group executives, accountants and lawyers involved in selling a company.

Five golden rules of negotiation, The

The principles, tools and techniques of successful negotiation.

Good retirement guide: everything you need to know about health, property, investment, leisure, work, pensions and tax

Practical advice on personal retirement planning.

Growing your business: making human resources work for you

This book provides the information needed by an entrepreneur starting a new venture to choose your initial team of cofounders and employees. It gives detail of selecting, recruiting and retaining high-performing talent and motivating employees.

Investment management: meeting the noble challenges of funding pensions, deficits, and growth

Comprehensive guide to investing for pensions.

Leading and managing the lean management process

Management strategy from a US perspective.

Managing virtual teams

Strategy guide for virtual team leadership.

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