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Accounting and business valuation methods: how to interpret IFRS accounts

A detailed guide to the different methods of ascertaining the value of a business.

Accounts receivable management best practices

Guide to managing accounts receivable, with practical techniques to drive improvement.

Acquisitions and disposals by listed companies

Summarises the legal and regulatory issues a listed company needs to consider when contemplating a significant corporate transaction.

Cash flow solution: the nonprofit board member's guide to financial success

Outlines an approach to budgeting for charities, where cash flow is emphasised, rather than balancing assets and liabilities.

Company secretary's handbook (11th edition)

An authoritative guide to company secretarial practice. Detailed commentary is accompanied by over 80 precedents. The 5th edition of this title is available through our Ebook Central subscription.

Corporate divestitures: a mergers and acquisitions best practices guide

A practical guide for those leading or participating in a divestiture transaction team.

Corporate finance demystified

A practical introduction to corporate finance for students and practitioners.

Corporate finance: the core (global edition)

A text book designed for MBA/graduate students taking a course in corporate finance.

Corporate finance: theory and practice

A European guide to using financial theory to solve practical problems.

Cost of capital

The title covers the relationship between risk, return and the cost of capital is contextualized by relating it to the needs of investors and borrowers, the historical evidence, and theories of choice and behavior. The text spans financial theory, its empirical tests and applications to real-world financial problems while keeping an entertaining easy-to-read style

Cost of capital: applications and examples

This title gives background and current thinking on the development and uses of rates of return on capital. This edition gives an emphasis to practical application and case studies.

Count down: the past present and uncertain future of the big four accounting firms (2nd edition)

This title looks at 'the questionable value and the uncertain viability of Big Audit— the business, regulatory and legal model by which audit services are delivered to the world's largest companies by the surviving global accounting networks: the Big Four - Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC'. It looks at the current state of 'Big Audit' and the future of these firms.

Digital finance: big data, start-ups, and the future of financial services

This book takes a thoughtful look at how the industry is evolving, and it explains how to integrate concepts of digital finance into existing traditional finance platforms. It explores what successful companies are doing to maximize their opportunities in this context and offers suggestions on how to introduce digital finance into a firm's structure. Specific strategies for a digital future are presented, alongside numerous case studies that explore key attributes of success.

Due diligence: an M&A value creation approach

A guide to mergers and acquisitions with an emphasis on the due diligence process.

End of accounting and the path forward for investors and managers, The

An innovative new valuation framework with truly useful economic indicators.

Essential business finance: a complete guide to starting, expanding and selling your business

An introduction to finance aimed at the average business manager.

Exit right: achieving a golden goodbye by realising the maximum value for your business

A guide for business owners, group executives, accountants and lawyers involved in selling a company.

Exploring strategy

This book has long been the essential strategy text for managers of today and tomorrow. From entrepreneurial start-ups to multinationals, charities to government agencies, this book raises the big questions about organisations- how they grow, how they innovate and how they change.

Fair value for financial reporting: meeting the new FASB requirements

Fair value financial disclosure for financial officers.

Financial Times guide to business start up 2017/18

Startup guide for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Financial reporting and global capital markets: a history of the International Accounting Standards Committee, 1973-2000

Covers the full history of the IASC up until its restructing and the creation of the IASB in 2001.

Fundamentals of fund administration: a complete guide from fund set up to settlement and beyond

Information about fund products and infrastructure for the benefit of managers.

Growing business handbook: inspiration and advice from successful entrepreneurs and fast growing UK companies, The

A guide to maximising growth and controlling risk.

Hot topics in financial and legal matters for general practice

A guide to financial and legal issues for GPs and managers of medical practices.

How to value and sell your business: the essential guide to preparing, valuing and selling a company for maximum profit

A guide to business valuation for owners.

Intellectual property, finance and corporate governance

This book advances Intellectual Property reporting in alignment with the key corporate governance principles of transparency and disclosure. It analyses the juncture between the IP ecosystem; corporate finance and accounting for intangibles; and corporate governance.

International valuation handbook 2015: guide to cost of capital

The handbook provides data and guidance that will enable you to assess risk and to develop cost of capital estimates on a global scale.

International valuation handbook 2016: guide to cost of capital

The handbook provides data and guidance that will enable you to assess risk and to develop cost of capital estimates on a global scale.

International valuation handbook 2016: industry cost of capital

This international handbook provides industry-level cost of capital estimates and other detailed statistics, including data on sales, market capitalization, capital structure, beta values and valuation multiples.

Market approach to valuing businesses, The

Implementing the market approach to business valuation.

Market data explained: a practical guide to global capital markets information

A comprehensive guide to understanding market data in simple terms.

Marketing manifesto, The

Step-by-step guide to creating a successful marketing strategy.

Mastering financial modelling in Microsoft Excel: a practitioner's guide to applied corporate finance (3rd edition)

Comprehensive tools and methods to help you build, develop and apply financial models using Microsoft Excel, enabling you to get better, more accurate results, faster.

Mergers and acquisitions basics: the key steps of acquisitions, divestitures, and investments

The goal of this book is to provide the reader with a primer and overview of the key steps and features of most deals.

Mergers and acquisitions: a practical guide for private companies

Introduction to M&A for companies contemplating a merger or acquisition.

Mergers and acquisitions: business strategies for accountants

Introduction to M&A from an American accounting perspective.

Raising venture capital

Guide to the fundamentals of the venture capital industry.

Strategic corporate finance: applications in valuation and capital structure

Practical guide to modern corporate finance.

Structured finance modeling with object-oriented VBA

Guide to financial modelling with Excel spreadsheets.

Ultimate accountants' reference: including GAAP, IRS and SEC regulations, leases, and more, The

An everyday reference manual for accountants on US GAAP, IRS regulations, and new SEC regulations

Valuation for M&A

This title aims to help determine a company's value, what drives it, and how to enhance value during a merger or acquisition. This edition includes new chapters on fairness opinions and professional services firms.

Valuation handbook 2016: guide to cost of capital

The handbook is designed to aid finance professionals in estimating the cost of equity capital and establishing hurdle rates for investment projects.

Venture capital funding: a practical guide to raising finance

Deals with the process and consequences of raising venture capital for a business.

Wealth creation in the world's largest mergers and acquisitions: integrated case studies

This book highlights research-based case studies in order to analyze the wealth created in the world's largest mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Each chapter covers a specific case and offers a focused clinical examination of the entire lifecycle of M&A for each mega deal, exploring all aspects of the process.

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