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Zwifach buchhalten

Zwifach Buchhalten, sampt seine[m] Giornal, des selben Beschlus, auch Rechnung zuthun &c. / durch Wolffgang Schweicker Senior von Nürnberg, yesst in Venedig wonend mit allem fleis gemacht und zusamen bracht...

Written by Wolffgang Schweicker

Printed by Johann Petreius (Nurnberg; 1549)

Wolffgang Schweicker was the earliest German author to follow the 'methods of Venice' of Pacioli and Manzoni.

This book is a translation of Manzoni's "Quaderno Doppio" but no acknowledgments are made. The author was so careless in the examples that he had to "cook" the apparent balance. However, credit is due to the printer for what may well be the most beautiful, typographically, of all these books.

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This article was originally prepared by the library team in the mid-twentieth century to introduce the rare books and facsimiles in our collection to a wider audience. It is not intended as a piece of scholarly analysis and should not be read as such.

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