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Referring URL authentication test

If you're having trouble accessing our eBooks or databases, there could be a problem with our authenticating URL system. This simple test will help us to diagnose and, hopefully, fix any issues.

Does your computer or network block referral information?

Our website gives access to online resources through a system called referring URLs – it allows you to access eBooks, online journals and databases when you click on links on certain authorised web pages. For this system to work, the details of each authorised web page (the referring URL) must be checked against our service provider's database and it will only allow access if there is a match. Sometimes the referring URL (also known as referral information) is not correctly passed on to the database and this may happen if you are using some firewall or privacy software.

How can I tell if my computer or network is blocking referral information?

You can run an authentication test to find out whether your computer or network is blocking referring URLs by clicking on the link below:


This will load a page with information that can help diagnose your problem. If there is an empty space next to "Referring URL=", this means that your computer or network is blocking referring URLs. Please copy and paste the result of this test page into an email to library@icaew.com.