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Apply for ICAEW membership as an ICAZ member

If you obtained membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) by complying with its training and examinations requirements, you are invited to apply to become an ICAEW member.

You do not have to be resident in the UK to take up this offer of ICAEW membership, and you will not be required to sit the ICAEW aptitude test.

Eligibility requirements

Please note that reciprocal membership of ICAEW requires you to:

  • Maintain membership of your home body
  • Comply with ICAEW CPD obligations and make an annual CPD declaration
  • Comply with the ICAEW Code of Ethics Application forms

How to apply for ICAEW membership

All ICAEW membership applications must be supported by a Letter of Good Standing from your home institute. Contact joylynm@icaz.org.zw to request your letter.

Complimentary e-membership of the Faculties and Communities

When you join ICAEW you will receive up to six months' complimentary electronic membership to two Faculties and two Communities of your choosing.


ICAEW has seven Faculties, each run by experts in their particular business sector: Audit and Assurance, Corporate Finance, Finance and Management, Financial Reporting, Financial Services, Information Technology, and Tax.


ICAEW has 14 Communities covering a range of industries and specialisations: Charity & Voluntary, Entertainment, Sport & Media, Farming & Rural Business, Forensic Accounting, Healthcare, Insolvency, Interim Management, Corporate Governance, Solicitors, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, and Valuation.