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Next-Day Professional Fee Finance enables Accountants to collect their invoiced fees in full, while offering clients a flexible monthly repayment option. Find out more

Next-Day Professional Fee Finance is a versatile and convenient way to reduce practice debtor days and boost your client’s cashflow. Our finance product enables your practice to collect invoiced fees in full, while offering your clients a flexible monthly repayment option.

As a specialist fee finance provider with a proven history, we offer a highly responsive service backed by the right technology which allows us to meet and exceed your practice’s expectations. Having the right expertise at your side to minimise and manage risk, while realising your practice’s potential, requires a fluid approach – a seamless service that connects you to highly trained, expert business partners.

Benefits of Keys

  • Receive your fees in full the Next-Day.
  • No added cost to your Practice and no minimum usage requirement.
  • Less time spent chasing debtors.
  • A fair, honest and transparent finance charge structure for your clients.
  • Access to a skilled account manager dedicated to assisting your practice without any typical call centre frustrations.

Easy as 1,2, Keys

Using Keys for your fees couldn’t be easier:

  • Your Practice enters basic client information online.
  • Client accepts payment plan online (or manually if preferred).
  • Receive 100% of your fee Next-Day. (subject to client signing by 1pm)

For more information on how our Professional Fee Finance facility will benefit your practice, you can find your local expert.

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How it works


Your practice enters the fee amount and client information on our practice web portal.


Upon approval, your client will receive an email with a unique PIN and link to sign their Credit Agreement T&C’s.


Once signed, your practice will receive its fee in full with Next-Day payment (subject to client signing by 1pm). To see how our Professional Fee Finance facility will benefit your practice, you can contact your Fee Finance expert 

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