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Social media and your brand

Author: ICAEW

Published: 22 Jan 2011

If your employer Googled your name, what would they find? Pictures on Facebook? Your Spotify music collection? Or search results from someone who shares your name and uses very colourful language?!

You can’t control everything that’s up there. But you can make sure that when you current or next employer Googles you – and believe me they will – they find the professional person they expect you to be.

Your personal online brand

This is made up of all your online content: your Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, online profiles, articles you have commented on, tagged photos. There is an endless stream of information about you on the web. 

Why bother?

You might think the myriad content out there is too unwieldy, too difficult to control. You could ignore it, or try hiding it.

But, you could also turn it to your advantage! By having a positive online brand you will:

  • Show your expertise
  • Publicise yourself
  • Make yourself easy to find and contact
  • Network with people who can promote you and help your career

As a job seeker, you will find this invaluable.

Set up a LinkedIn profile

Social media content needs maintenance. I’m not suggesting you try and cover everything. Pick one website and work on it. LinkedIn is a good choice.

  • It’s a professional network that’s easy to use
  • It is well-optimised for search, so it appears high in search results – usually on page one 
  • Your profile creates a branded page for you, with a URL you can use in your CV.
  • Recruiters use the site extensively to look up candidates!  
  • You can search for jobs on it and make it known you are available
  • There are groups to help you promote yourself, eg FD groups, finance by sector groups, and ICAEW groups!
  • There is a further area to show off your expertise – in Q&A. if you have the best answer it will highlight that on your profile. 
  • You can use it to search out contacts in companies you are interested in

How to use LinkedIn

Complete your profile – an easy way is to use your CV details. Remember this is a public profile and check your spelling!

Find the people you know and send them a request to add them as a contact. Start by looking up the companies you have worked for.

  • Do feel free to send people requests you have done business with but haven’t met. 
  • Don’t go too far though. Spamming / stalking is not acceptable!

Don’t be afraid ask for recommendations. People are happy to give them if they know you well enough. It can be in any capacity – worked for / worked with / done business with – not just managers. This gives a wider idea of the type of person you are and highlights your strengths.

Finally, remember to join the ICAEW group

Social media tips from CABA

CABA offers to support to members and their families on a range of matters. Their dedicated careers microsite offers career coaching and advice on developing your personal brand, including your social media profile.