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University and school volunteer opportunities

Students are now making careers decisions earlier than ever. ICAEW are working with schools across the country to ensure students receive the information they need, to make educated career choices. If there is a particular school you want to volunteer with, please let us know so we can arrange this for you.

We involved in hundreds of events at schools, colleges and universities across the UK every year. We offer students a variety of events ranging from skill sessions to virtual work experience initiatives.

You could be giving the students some gentle encouragement and top tips so they can get the most from the sessions or be on the Board of Directors acting as a judge for students' business presentations.

Although most of our events are currently taking place virtually via Zoom, we are hoping to return to face-to-face events very soon! The events we typically ask for support with are outlined below, but we also attend a variety of other bespoke events, so please feel free to get in touch if there’s a specific school or university you’d like to support.

Register now and we will be in touch with any upcoming events that we need volunteer's help supporting. Full details of the event including whether it’s virtual or face-to-face, what your involvement looks like and any prep that needs to be outlined in advance to you will be sent either via email or we can arrange a quick chat!

Activities to get involved in

The Consultancy Challenge (2 hours)

The Consultancy Challenge gives students a true insight into chartered accountancy, highlighting that an accountant’s expertise is far more than just number crunching. The format of the Consultancy Challenge can differ, but typically this would involve small teams of students looking at a financial overview of a company, carrying out a SWOT analysis and making key business recommendations. How can you help support? The students will be presenting their recommendations back to the ‘board of directors’ which could be you! You would take on the role of a judge on the ‘board’ and provide feedback on the student presentations.

Q&A Panels (30 minutes - 1 hour)

The student engagement team can give students everything they need to know when it comes to ICAEW and the ACA qualification, but nothing beats speaking to someone who has been through the qualification themselves. Each week we cover a variety of topics, but typically the panel will consist of a ICAEW student engagement rep and a couple of either qualified ICAEW members or current ACA students.

We want you to share your exciting career journeys to reach a diverse range of students. The students not only get a true insight into the fascinating opportunities open to them which you could be recruiting for right now, but they also get the chance to ask you any burning questions about your career.

Work Experience and internship initiatives (3-5 hours during school holidays)

Our work experience and internship initiatives enable us to reach a broad pool of talent from all over the UK. We provide students the opportunity to learn, be exposed to, and demonstrate the skills needed to be successful in this profession. The initiatives are highly interactive for everyone! Students will attend a variety of sessions from Q&A panels to working in teams to presenting their business recommendations. You join us as a guest speaker or panellist? Maybe a judge on the ‘board of directors?

Careers Fairs (2 hours - 1 day)

As a volunteer at a careers fair, you can provide crucial first-hand experience to students looking to take the next step in their career. Whether it's in person on the ICAEW stand or managing student questions via a virtual booth, you’ll be on hand to answer questions and explain why every student should be considering a career as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. Best of all, you can attend a virtual careers fair from the comfort of your own home!

Career Journey Presentations (30 minutes – 1 hour)

We offer short presentations introducing students to who ICAEW are and how our qualifications can open the doors to a broad and exciting range of careers! We love to bust those myths associated with the profession such as ‘you need to be good at Maths’ and ‘you need to have studied a related degree discipline’ to enables us to reach a more diverse range of students. If this is something that interests you, please get in touch.