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Reasons to study for the Accounting Skills Certificate (ASC)

Reasons to study the Accounting Skills Certificate (ASC)

  • This programme is delivered using a blend of lecturer led facilitation, practical examples, business games and mock assessments, all preparing the participants for their final online, objective testing assessment which is incorporated into the final day of each module.
  • The ASC provides complete foundation knowledge as well as a practical understanding through real-life case studies and examples
  • The ASC will give you confidence in your ability to work effectively within the accounting function of an organisation
  • Delivered exclusively in Arabic, giving you the best opportunity to understand and grasp the accounting principles
  • The programme will be taught by highly experienced tutors who are experts in their field
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with other course attendees and develop your knowledge using the expertise of your tutors.
  • Get up to speed with the latest theories and assess the wider implications for your organisation.

Accounting Skills Certificate (ASC)

For further information or an application form contact the Middle East office on +04 408 0000 or email asc@icaew.com.