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Anti-money laundering - the essentials

Anti-money laundering - the essentials is a newsletter produced by ICAEW's professional standards team to help you keep up-to-date on the key changes in the money laundering regime and help inform your risk assessment, policies and procedures. We email ICAEW money laundering reporting officers when a new issue of Anti-money laundering – the essentials is available. Anti-money laundering – the essentials' is also available to all ICAEW members – please select the anti-money laundering topic from your list of preferences and we will notify you by email when a new issue is available.

Issue 22 September 2021


AML the essentials, issue 22 contains new government consultations, guidance on engaging in financial activity in Afghanistan, new SARs resources and an inside look at the roles of experienced Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs).

Issue 21 June 2021


AML the essentials, issue 21 contains an invitation to our next live webinar, guidance on court orders (in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police) and an update on improvements to the SARs online portal.

Issue 20 March 2021


AML the essentials, issue 20 contains guidance on how to submit good quality SARs, red flag indicators shared by the Metropolitan Police and an invitation to attend an upcoming SARs webinar (which is being jointly hosted by the National Crime Agency). We have also summarised ICAEW guidance issued so far in 2021.

Issue 19 January 2021


This issue contains information on changes to sanctions list and legistaltion following the end of the transition period, as well as Suspicious Activity Reporting resources and money laundering risk alerts from the National Crime Agency.

Issue 18 October 2020


AML the essentials, issue 18 contains updated CCAB guidance and explanatory notes, a reminder on furlough fraud, and clarification on reporting discrepancies on the People of Significant Control register.

Issue 17 July 2020


AML the essentials, issue 17 contains our summary of the National Crime Agency’s assessment of serious organised crime and the key factors accountants should be aware of. The issue also contains advice on what to do if you suspect your client of COVID-19 fraud and our 2020 AML monitoring report, particularly useful if you have an upcoming monitoring review.

Issue 16 - April 2020


Issue 16 of our Anti-Money Laundering update includes a Guide to client due diligence during the Coronavirus outbreak, a new Source of wealth factsheet and a reminder of the recent changes to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Regulations.

Issue 15 - November 2019


Issue 15 of our Anti-Money Laundering update includes an update on the Fifth Money Laundering directive and two new pieces of supplementary anti-money laundering guidance from CCAB.

Issue 14 - August 2019


Issue 14 of our Anti-Money Laundering update includes a new electronic due diligence helpsheet and reports and resources from the Government, HM Treasury and the Law Commission.

Issue 13 - June 2019


This issue of our Anti-Money Laundering update includes new crypto-asset guidance, new helpsheets and highlights the Government’s consultation on corporate transparency and register reform.

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