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Updates to ICAEW’s disciplinary framework will take effect from 1 June 2023.

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Disciplinary Bye-laws

The Disciplinary Bye-laws (DBLs) govern the way in which complaints are investigated by ICAEW’s Conduct Department (CD) and the procedures governing the Conduct, Tribunals, Appeal and Fitness to Practise Committees.

The Disciplinary Bye-laws effective 1 June 2023 have been updated and reduced from 49 to 16. The provisions dealing with process have been transferred out of the Disciplinary Bye-laws (DBLs) and moved into the Investigation and Disciplinary Regulations (IDRs). Core requirements, such as ICAEW member and firm obligations (for example the duty to report misconduct) remain within the DBLs. These changes have been made as part of a wider project, led by the ICAEW Regulatory Board to clarify processes and improve overall transparency and accessibility.

*Note the Legal Services Disciplinary Bye-laws apply to legal services complaints about firms accredited to conduct probate work under the Legal Services Act 2007.

Unlike the wider Disciplinary Bye-laws the Legal Services Disciplinary Bye-laws, which have been approved by the Legal Services Board, do not refer to the Complainants’ Code of Conduct, specifically:

  • DBL 9.1 has been amended; and
  • DBLs 9.11 and 10.9 have been excluded.

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