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Restructuring & Insolvency Community webinars and recordings

Webinars and other recordings for Restructuring & Insolvency Community members.

The information in these webinars reflects the understanding of ICAEW at the time of recording but things may have changed since that time. You should consult the latest guidance alongside a viewing of these on-demand webinars.

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Community webinars

Event Date Recording
Insolvency Roadshow (virtual) 4 – The new moratorium provisions: How are they operating?
Speakers: Mike Jervis, PwC, Lexa Hilliard QC of Wilberforce Chambers and Steven Chown of the Insolvency Service
20 October 2020 Listen again
Insolvency Roadshow (virtual) 3 – Quality Assurance update
Speakers: Allison Broad, Alison Morgan; Insolvency, ICAEW
13 October 2020 Listen again
Insolvency Roadshow (virtual) 2 – Legal Update
peaker: Graham McPhie, Partner, Moon Beever LLP
1 October 2020 Listen again
Insolvency Roadshow (virtual) 1 – Compliance Update
The first in a series of four webinars, which are replacing this year's autumn Insolvency Roadshow. Speaker: Michelle Butler MIPA MABRP, The Compliance Alliance
24 September 2020 Listen again
Insolvency Reporting
Hear about the results of an empirical study in to insolvency practitioners' reports and also some key tips to improve the quality of your own reports and to ensure regulatory compliance. Speakers: Yvonne Joyce, Senior Accounting Lecturer, Glasgow University and Eileen Maclean, director of Insolvency Support Services.
11 June 2020 Listen again
Covid-19: Q&A for IPs
What we know about the impacts of Covid-19 and legislative changes so far, for the restructuring & insolvency profession. Speakers: Tyrone Courtman, licensed insolvency practitioner, and Simeon Gilchrist, partner, Edwin Coe LLP
1 May 2020 Listen again
Understanding Insolvency – Q&A with an IP
This webinar gave accountants and business advisers the opportunity to ask a licensed Insolvency Practitioner any questions they may have on insolvency and how to support their clients experiencing financial difficulties or going through an insolvency process. Speaker: Tyrone Courtman
9 April 2020 Listen again
Covid-19 impacts on supply chain and financial performance
This webinar covers: The current evolving situation and its implications from a supply chain perspective; What you can do now to protect yourself in terms of ongoing impact on business performance; How can you be better prepared for the next supply chain business performance impact – Climate change, geopolitical issues, reputational impacts. Speaker: Nick Wildgoose, accountant, supply chain and risk professional
1 April 2020 Listen again
Covid-19 Government Support
What we know about COVID-19 government support schemes so far. Speaker: Iain Wright FCA, Director for Business and Industrial Strategy, ICAEW
31 March 2020 Listen again
SIP tips
This webinar recaps all of the key SIP requirements. Speaker: Gareth Limb, Director, Compliance on Call Limited.
18 March 2020 Listen again
Changes to the insolvency Code of Ethics
ICAEW continues to find that IPs and their staff are not up to date with the changes effective since May 2020, and some attribute a lack of staff training to ongoing working restrictions. ICAEW expects IPs and staff to be able to conduct suitable CPD notwithstanding the pandemic.
November 2019 Listen again
Mental capacity and vulnerable debtors – some risks and tips for IPs
This webinar considers some key issues related to vulnerable debtors and issues of capacity, including the risks for IPs and practical steps you can take to mitigate these. Speaker: Mark Cullingford, Partner, Thrings.
4 September 2019 Listen again
Trading practicalities
This webinar considers some of the practicalities when trading an insolvent business and also covers some of the related issues that QAD finds on its monitoring visits. Speakers: Rebecca Dacre, Director, Mazars LLP and Alison Morgan, ICAEW QAD.
6 June 2019 Listen again
Employment Law and insolvency
The webinar considers how insolvency and employment law interact. Topics covered include TUPE, collective redundancies and insolvency, and claims and the National Insurance Fund. Speakers: Anne Pritam, Partner, Stephenson Harwood, Melanie Moore, Senior Associate, Stephenson Harwood.
27 March 2019 Listen again
ICAEW – 2019 Retail Outlook – in association with PwC
With slowing volumes in the retail sector to win, you need to grow share. That means investment to drive a competitive edge. But with huge pressure on the P&L, how can you restructure to free up investment, and where, to get the greatest return?
March 2019 Listen again