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Audit requirements in the Crown Dependencies

Audit arrangements in the Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Crown Dependencies’ Audit Rules and Guidance

These arrangements include a common set of audit rules for firms in the Crown Dependencies that audit these companies. These are based on the ICAEW Audit Regulations and Guidance.

New Crown Dependencies’ Audit Rules and Guidance effective 1 June 2023

The regulations are being updated due to changes to ICAEW’s disciplinary framework. The amendments are consequential changes only. For example, some committee names have been updated and references to specific Disciplinary Bye-laws have changed.

Crown Dependencies’ Audit Rules and Guidance Archive

Audit arrangements

ICAEW, in conjunction with the Crown Dependencies, has produced a note on these arrangements. This describes the audit arrangements that already exist for companies incorporated in the Crown Dependencies and the arrangements for those who audit listed companies.

Initial return

New firms registering under these arrangements are asked to complete an initial return.

Fee scale

Each Crown Dependency sets initial and annual fees for registration as a recognised auditor and these fees can be viewed as follows:

ICAEW also has a fee scale, which includes charges for Audit Quality Review and the Financial Reporting Council.