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ATOL News is an update produced by ICAEW's professional standards team. Here you’ll find the latest Air Travel Organiser's Licence (ATOL) technical guidance and best practice information.

We email licensed practice contact principals and licensed practitioners when a new issue of ATOL News is available.

If you have any questions relating to the articles in the bulletin, please contact our technical advisory services team, +44 (0)1908 248 250.

ATOL News – June 2023

Welcome to our fourth edition of ATOL News. In this issue, find updates from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on escrow accounts and key resources available to help you comply with ATOL Reporting Accountant (ARA) requirements. Plus, updates from the Professional Standards Department.

ATOL News - February 2020

Welcome to our third edition of ATOL News, your update containing the latest technical guidance and best practice advice.

ATOL News December 2018

In the second issue of ATOL News access CAA’s latest ATOL newsletter and find out more about the CAA’s updated online training programme and portal for March 2019 renewals. You can also access our new cold file review checklist and we’ve also included a reminder about the resources available on the ICAEW website.

ATOL News July 2018

The first issue of ATOL News covers the significant changes to the ATOL Regulations as a result of the Package Travel Directive; there is a new process for submitting reports to the CAA and an update to the ATOL training module. We’ve also included some reminders relating to information available on the ICAEW website.