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For firms addressing the service provider requirements of International Standard on Quality Management 1 (ISQM 1).


Audit firms are required to have designed and implemented a system of quality management (SOQM) under ISQM 1 by 15 December 2022.

One of the key concepts underlying ISQM 1 is that a firm is solely responsible for the design, implementation and operation of its own SOQM – even where it obtains resources (such as manuals, tools and/or training) from service providers. Firms that use resources from service providers in their SOQM or in the performance of engagements will need to ensure that they are appropriate for use, in light of the nature and circumstances of the firm (and those of its client base).

ICAEW provides a range of CPD training, guidance and support to its members on audit-related matters. These resources are intended to provide general guidance and support for ICAEW members. Our team training in-house solutions can be tailored to the individual circumstances of firms.

In some cases, ICAEW may be considered to be a service provider under ISQM 1. This statement sets out ICAEW’s quality management processes which support the provision of these resources to members.

Who we are

Founded in 1880, ICAEW is a global professional body for chartered accountants. We work with governments, regulators and business leaders globally, support ICAEW members in practice and business, and as a world-leading improvement regulator, supervise and monitor around 12,000 practising firms, holding them, and all ICAEW members and students, to the highest standards of professional competency and conduct.

Leadership and governance

ICAEW’s governance and leadership arrangements foster a commitment to quality. The Council is ICAEW's supreme governing body, responsible for oversight of its activities. Council agrees ICAEW's strategy and budget, delegating day to day operations to committees and staff. ICAEW’s governance bodies consist of representative and lay members through a mixture of elected and appointed positions.

Competence and capability of employees

Recruitment is led by a professionally qualified internal recruitment team. Right to work in the UK, Professional Membership status and references are all checked. All roles are interviewed for, and an individual’s technical skills are tested. Employees are encouraged to collaborate, and support others, across departments. All employees have a professional development review each year and additional training is provided where required.

Quality of technical content

ICAEW’s published technical content goes through a review process to ensure technical accuracy and is subsequently reviewed, and updated, on a regular basis.

Use of external consultants and presenters

Where ICAEW uses consultants to create and update technical content or deliver events, our contract terms require them to develop content that is up-to-date, accurate, comprehensive and authoritative. The contract terms also address GDPR and IR35 compliance and our consultants will be onboarded to ensure they understand the framework ICAEW operates within. Potential trainers are carefully assessed and approved by appropriate members of staff before appointment. Their performance is tracked via feedback from courses they deliver.

Laws, regulations and compliance

ICAEW has robust policies in place which are regularly reviewed. These ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations such as data protection.

Feedback, monitoring and complaints

There are several ways that a complaint about ICAEW’s resources may be made, including via our website or by email to the relevant service line or employee.

We seek to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible and to ensure that those raising complaints are kept informed of progress. Delegates attending events are routinely surveyed and social media and support channels are closely monitored with any issues flagged being resolved as soon as possible.