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ICAEW Business Committee

If you are a business member, ICAEW’s Business department is dedicated to listing, supporting, and advocating for you. The team’s activities are guided by the ICAEW Business Committee (IBC) which is responsible for representing you and your views.


The IBC is accountable to the Members’ Board, which in turn reports to ICAEW Board and Council.  This advisory committee contributes to the development and implementation of ICAEW strategy as it relates to business members, and advises the ICAEW business department on the facilities, services and support required by members in business to help them in their professional lives. This includes:

  • highlighting instances where services or activities provided by ICAEW fall short of the expectations of members in business, and work with the business department to help address these;
  • informing the business department of the requirement for products and services of particular relevance to members in business and provide a review of their effectiveness; and
  • initiate, develop and advise on channels of communication in order to represent and advance support to members in business. 

The Business Committee also supports ICAEW’s overall vision of a world of sustainable economies by regularly commenting on public policy; working towards an environment in which businesses can flourish. As some 50% of ICAEW's members work in business, it is critical that these members are heard in ICAEW's governance forums. 

Members of the Business Committee

We are delighted to introduce you to Stephen Huyton, the Chair of ICAEW’s Business Committee. Based in the Netherlands, he is the  Group Finance Director of manufacturer Thermopatch International BV, as well as the Chairman of the Professional Accountants in Europe (PaiE, Dutch branch) and a board member of the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce. He is also ICAEW's Netherlands Contact Member and will bring a wealth of international and practical business acumen to this group.

He is joined by up to 19 members in business from a diverse range of backgrounds and businesses. The Committee is supported locally by a network of Business Representatives who are also members of an ICAEW District Society Committee. To find out more please contact your local group or society.

Apply for committee vacancies

The IBC is now taking applications for new committee members.

Why join? 

By joining this committee, members would have the opportunity to influence ICAEW's own strategy, inform conversations with policy makers and, ultimately, support ICAEW in promoting chartered accountants as drivers of business and innovation. Furthermore, being a member of the IBC will give you access to a network of quality individuals as well as an opportunity for personal development through governance experience. 

There is more information about how to apply here and if you have any questions, get in touch with the Business Team at business@icaew.com.

Get in touch

The IBC and the business department are keen to hear from business members.

In particular, the business department aims to make sure that member views are fully reflected when we respond to public consultations or add our voice to the public debate. To do this effectively we need you to tell us what you think, and the areas where you think we can usefully contribute to the debate. 

The business department would also like to hear your views, experience and your requirements to support you in your business career.

Please make contact with one of the team by emailing business@icaew.com 

Too many emails, or are you missing out?

Communicating effectively with business members is a key objective for us. By keeping your member profile up to date, we can ensure that we better understand your interests, and that you hear about the ICAEW services and events that are of relevance to you (and only those that are relevant).