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BPM requirement analysis template

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Published: 28 Mar 2014 Update History

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This guideline outlines the typical content of a requirements analysis document for a BPM project and gives advice on how to construct it.

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A requirements analysis is typically produced as part of a BPM project to:

  • Describe the business processes that the BPM project is addressing
  • Outline the functional requirements to enable an informed choice of software, if a business intelligence application is being purchased
  • Agree functional requirements to be delivered, if an in-house development is being proposed

This more detailed requirements analysis is normally produced after the business case approval. The business case justifies the investment in the BPM project by outlining the benefits (financial and non-financial) to be delivered. The requirements analysis sets out in more detail the scope of the BPM project and the functional and non-functional requirements it must satisfy to deliver those benefits.

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