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Business Partnering

Practical advice for those considering business partnering. Read our latest features and articles on business partnering.

Accountants harnessing the power of tech

Tech allows for continuous monitoring of financials; take advantage

Finance business partnering: in government

ICAEW Insights ICAEW 09-09-2021

The UK Government’s concept of the ‘finance business partner’ is best explained by someone who does the job. We find out what this concept means in practice.

Why HR and finance need to join forces

Remote compliance is a conundrum, and alliance will solve it

Can FD’s be truly commercial?

Or is it just a case of saying ‘yes’ to the CEO? Find out

Collaboration between Marketing and Finance is essential

It can be difficult, but dialogue can make winners of both

Business partnering - Making the most of your teams

Providing insight for better decision-making has become an advantage for finance firms looking to set themselves apart from the competition. Malcolm Wilkinson and Richard Horton explain how support teams can interpret the data.