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The impact of remote workers on crisis, risk and business continuity management

Andreas Rodman discusses how the shift to remote working since the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected enterprise risk management, business continuity management and crisis management. He shares tips, software tools and processes to help employers manage this impact.

You've suffered a supply chain disruption: Now what?

You may not be able to avoid supply chain disruptions, but you can take steps to assess your company's vulnerability, risk exposure and courses of action as quickly as possible. Robert J.Trent contrasts examples of companies which handled a supply chain disruption well, vs examples of companies which were slow to adapt.

The risks facing the CFO

Article exploring some of the business risks from ongoing challenges such as newly unfolding economic events, a remote workforce and supply chain disruptions, as well as consumer expectations. The authors look at the role that a CFO plays in identifying and developing effective enterprise risk management practices.

Procurement's new charter

Procurement teams are moving beyond cost containment to better manage risk, support business agility, maintain supply continuity, and seize opportunities for supplier-driven innovation. Many teams are fast-tracking initiatives such as automating their procurement process and digitizing more supplier information.

Cloud computing: friend or foe

Article looks at the risks associated with moving to the cloud which organisations must consider and the necessary of adoption of risk management strategies to ensure safety and control.

COVID-19: The risk management part is unfinished

What actions should senior risk managers and executive management take to deal with the remainder of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as preparing for other unrelated risk events?

Oversight of reputation in riskier times

The article discusses the practice of overseeing the management of reputation risk in riskier times.

Preventing slow-burn reputation risks

The article offers the suggestions towards preventing slow-burn reputation risks in business. It mentions about a culmination of numerous decisions that aligned with company goals, and considering the long-range potential consequences; and also highlights a slow erosion of quality due to shortcuts, reduced sampling, or less auditing and testing.

Blockchain and accounting governance

This paper explores blockchain's impact in the areas of assurance and financials reporting and provides guidance for organisations and auditors utilizing blockchain.

The impact of big data on finance

The article examines the impact of the implementation of Big Data in companies on accounting and finance professionals. It also describes areas where accountants and finance professionals can create value around Big Data, including data governance and organizational risk management.

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