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Practical resources

Practical guides and resources from the Business and Management Faculty, to support finance professionals in business.

Why culture is important

A business’s greatest asset is its people, and the way in which the business values its people is reflected in its organisational culture. It is this culture that defines the way businesses innovate and ultimately how they transform.

Organisational culture: leadership styles

It is recognised that an effective culture can reduce risk and improve performance of an organisation, and that the success or failure of the culture is greatly influenced by its leaders. This guide, written by Jenny Jones, explores different leadership styles and the impact they can have on organisational culture.

Business Ecosystems: A Guide

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The term ecosystem is regularly bandied about in business conversations. But what does it mean and is it a useful metaphor for improving business performance?

Risk management guide

Businesses with effective approaches to risk management were better prepared for the pandemic and are more likely to thrive in the future. So how can finance professionals improve their organisation’s approach to risk?

Off-payroll working – a user guide

This practical guide explains the off-payrolling rules as they apply to medium and large businesses. It sets out the operational impacts on finance and payroll departments and how to overcome some of the practical issues of implementation.

Why CEOs and CFOs should engage with internal audit

David Jardine, senior vice president, Internal Audit at bp plc, explains why Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers need to engage with the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors’ Code of Practice and why it’s not just for internal audit teams.

Scenario planning: a practical guide

This guide, created exclusively for Business and Management Faculty members, sets out one approach to scenario planning which finance professionals may wish to consider when planning for the future.

A guide to operational resilience

A guide on what organisations need to do to design and embed a framework to deliver operational resilience, including guidance on how to audit operational resilience. The first of two papers on operational resilience for internal audit teams.