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Charity Community

Charity Fraud Awareness Week: take part in our 2023 charity survey now

Author: Matthew Field, Head of Fraud Advisory Panel

Published: 29 Aug 2023

Take an active role and complete the survey this year.

Fraud Advisory Panel and its supporters will be delivering the 8th annual Charity Fraud Awareness Week between Monday 27 November and Friday 1 December. The 2023 campaign will be bringing together charities/NGOs/not-for-profits and cross-sector representatives to share knowledge, expertise and best practice in fraud prevention.

This year’s international campaign will be covering a wide range of topics throughout the week through a series of blogs, webinars and videos that will be hosted on the Prevent Charity Fraud website and across social media.

We will report more about the topics and sessions available in the October and November Charity Community newsletter but you can keep up to date by visiting the Prevent Charity Fraud website.

The Charity Survey

BDO has just launched the 2023 Charity Survey to understand the threat of fraud across the charity sector.

In its third year, the survey is for all charities with results analysed to build a unique and accurate picture of the landscape to then protect the sector from fraud.

If you work for a charity or are a charity trustee, and can contribute to the survey, please do.


*The views expressed are the author’s and not ICAEW’s.