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Tech connections

For consumer businesses with a winning formula, an aggressive roll-out strategy can prove hugely successful. David Prosser looks at how - and where - to go about it.

Whenever the UK’s technology start-up scene is discussed, especially East London’s ‘Tech City’, conversation inevitably turns to comparisons with San Francisco’s Silicon Valley.

It has been variously reported that there have been upwards of 15,000 UK start-ups over the past year, many based in London.

The UK is clearly developing a fertile environment for the creation of new technology companies. Indeed, the combination of a lower corporate taxation environment, R&D incentives, the emerging Patent Box regime and Entrepreneurs’

Relief makes the UK the most attractive place in Europe right now for many start-ups. However, scepticism remains as to whether the UK has the

technical, managerial and, more importantly, the financial ecosystem to grow these businesses into the next Google or Facebook.

While all new businesses depend on a great idea, providing the right funding at every level of a company’s development journey is just as important. Without the right financial support at the right time, most of these journeys will lead to a dead-end irrespective of how innovative and/or game-changing their concepts are.

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