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Audit committee ebooks

eBooks and eBook chapters on the work and responsibilities of the audit committee


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The board structure and its committees

Chapter 3 deals with the structure of the board, its governance role and responsibilities. It also gives brief overviews of the different types of board committees, including: audit; nomination; remuneration; and risk committees. These are dealt with in more detail in later chapters.

Audits, accounts and financial statements

Chapter 7 gives details of the purpose of audit and the auditor's duty of care. The role of the audit committee is dealt with in detail, including audit tendering and internal control and risk management.


An authoritative guide to company secretarial practice. Detailed commentary is accompanied by over 80 precedents. Chapter 11 of the handbook looks at audit, including choice of auditor, audit rotation, audit committees and reports to the audit committee.

Financial reporting, auditing and the audit committee

An essential source of reference and route map for the position of Non-executive director. Contains case studies and checklists throughout. Chapter 8 of the handbook covers Financial reporting, auditing and the audit committee and contains Model terms of reference for audit committee and Checklist for the audit committee.

Board overview of internal audit: how to maximise internal audit value

This title provides comprehensive, expert-led coverage of all aspects of corporate governance for public, nonprofit, and private boards. This chapter looks at best practice in the oversight of internal audit and how to maximise the value of internal audit within an organisation.

Internal control and risk management

An essential source of reference and route map for the position of Non-executive director. Contains case studies and checklists throughout. Chapter 9 of the handbook covers Internal control and risk management and includes a Model terms of reference for an audit committee: internal control, risk management and internal audit

Board audit committee communications

A complete guide to the process and profession of internal auditing. Chapter 25 looks at the Audit Committee's interactions and responsibilities regarding internal audit.

Changing auditors

Provides an explanation of the statutory rules on auditor appointment, the termination of the old auditor’s appointment, and professional and contractual matters.

Audit committee handbook, The (5th edition)

Comprehensive guide to audit committee responsibilities. The 4th edition of this title (2004) is also available from our Ebook Central subscription.

Managing business risk: a practical guide to protecting your business

A guide to all major topics of concern for risk management.

Audit committees

Guide to the duties of modern finance directors. Sections 1.135 - 1.168, in chapter 1: Audit, covers the audit committee

Not-for-profit audit committee best practices

The role of audit committees from an American perspective.

Auditing the risk management process

Guide to auditing the risk management process, including developments in risk management which are relevant to auditors.

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