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Company secretary articles

Articles and feature from the ICAEW on the role and responsibilities of the company secretary

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Choosing the right regime

An overview of the criteria to be met, the requirements and simplifications available, and some practical considerations to help you choose the right financial reporting regime for your circumstances.

Information overload – practical tips

In recent years the length of board packs has increased significantly, especially in financial services, often surpassing a thousand pages. This information overload can hamper board members’ ability to think clearly, and thus their ability to make challenges where appropriate.

Filing options for small companies

Practicewire October 2018

Although the new filing regime for small companies came into effect in 2016 it continues to be an area that generates questions.

Filing small company accounts: The options

Sarah Dunn throws some light on a topic that has caused much uncertainty in recent months

Large companies’ duty to report on payment practice and performance

The payment performance requirements contained in the Small Business Enterprise & Employment Act came into force in April 2017. Large businesses will be required to report on the first six months’ payment performance on accounting periods commencing after 6 April 2017.

Other changes to company law

Business Law March 2016

SBEE introduced other significant changes to company law, with the following implementation dates.

Your data and Companies House

Practicewire January 2016

Companies House launched their public beta service in June 2015 as part of the government’s commitment to provide free public information.

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