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Author: Jamie Mayhew, Andersons Eastern

Published: 24 Jul 2023

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The final phase of the DEFRA Future Farm Resilience Fund opened last autumn providing free advice to farmers to help them understand the future of the industry post direct support and what strategic changes may need to be made.

The Fund is delivered by a number of professional firms providing a range of advice, including, but not exclusively, group workshops, environmental and carbon audits and one-to-one in-depth financial reviews.

Below is a link outlining the various providers, and what they offer:

Depending on the provider, those who received the support in either the previous or current round will have access to ‘Follow up Support’ under this fund. This allows those who have been through the process to meet with the advisor to review progress and discuss any new issues/opportunities since the last meeting.

As this service is 100% funded by DEFRA, it really should be considered.

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