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COVID-19 and Stress Testing for Banks & Building Societies

Stress testing is an important tool that is used by regulators for an increasingly wider set of firms. This webinar brought to you by the ICAEW Financial Services Faculty will help you understand the latest rules and how they work with the latest accounting standard, IFRS 9.

This stress testing webinar will help risk managers, finance teams and consultants who want to understand the latest rules and regulatory expectations regarding stress testing.

The US, EU and UK regulators have rolled out an intensive programmes of stress testing for their largest banks with concurrent tests using identical scenarios.  It is now a key determinant of capital and the Maximum Distributable Amount (MDA).

But if you are not one of the largest banks it is hard to benchmark one's own position and the requirements that apply.  There is not a great deal of material to help the smaller bank apply a robust approach without using expensive consultants.

This webinar will guide you in this complex and demanding area - and provide context in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will give you insights and guidelines that help shed some light on this growing topic. Climate stress test anyone!

First broadcast on 30 April, 2020.

Financial Services Faculty

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