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Small and Micro Business Community webinars

Listen to webinars and other recordings from the Small and Micro Business Community.

On-demand Community webinars and recordings

The information in these webinars reflects the understanding of ICAEW at the time of recording but things may have changed since that time. You should consult the latest guidance alongside a viewing of these on-demand webinars.

Event Date Recording
Access to finance for small businesses
Smaller businesses’ awareness of available options is known to be the biggest barrier to their demand for external finance. Dr. Sophie Dale-Black, formerly ICAEW's Midlands Director, will be presenting an informative session on how the British Business Bank supports making finance markets work better for smaller businesses across the UK’s regions and nations.
4 December 2023
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Cybersecurity for the accountancy profession: Understanding the risk before implementing a solution
The key steps to improve your firms cyber resilience.
20 November 2023
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Dispute resolution
Insights into the nature and causes of disputes, as well as practical advice for resolving conflicts.
8 November 2023 Listen again 
Navigating the digitalisation journey – Insights from small businesses
Hear from our panel of speakers as they share practical tips and lessons learnt.
19 October 2023 Listen again 
Creating a strategic plan for digitalisation
This fireside chat will discuss how you can establish a holistic strategy for digitalisation in your organisation.
20 September 2023 Listen again
An introduction to digitalisation for small businesses
This series will provide support and advice to small businesses to understand the benefits of digitalisation, and how to start and progress their digitalisation journey.
19 June 2023 Listen again
Positive personal impact for professional success
This session looks at the importance of professional relationships, the psychology of personal image and impact and the three personal impact ‘tools’ which affect what people say about us when we’re not in the room. Practical tips will help individuals improve how they are perceived and positively affect their professional relationships.
15 May 2023 Listen again 
Employment Law update
Key updates and developments in employment law - This webinar is being brought to you by the Small and Micro Business Community in collaboration with Acas.
26 April 2023 Listen again

Apprenticeships: The practicalities
Join us to learn more and to gain inspiration on what apprentices and workplace learning could offer your business.
16 March 2023 Listen again
Debt and equity funding for business, practical advice on the what, why and how
Experiences and practical tips about funding for a business.
30 November 2022
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Top tips for exiting a business
It’s never too soon to think about an exit plan. Planning empowers you to choose how you leave and release maximum value in the process. In this final webinar in the series, we'll cover the most popular exit strategies for small and micro businesses.
10 November 2022
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Risk management considerations for SMEs in challenging market conditions
An in-depth overview of the SME market, the current economic conditions and challenges being faced and the specific risks SMEs are facing when starting up.
14 October 2022
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Top tips on growing a business
Hear from our speakers about the different financing options available as you grow, what investors look for in a business and what should be included in your pitch deck.
21 September 2022 Listen again
Public Sector Procurement – Why it makes business sense
This webinar will address the business sense/business case from both the Public Services and the supply chain sides. It will consider how to best obtain value for money of the £300bn spent annually in the UK by the public sector on goods and services.
12 July 2022
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Navigating your business in an inflationary world
Inflation brings with it additional and new pressures that can add even more burdens on businesses that are struggling post-Covid. Join our webinar to take part in the debate around the steps businesses can take now that will help them through the turbulent years ahead.
23 June 2022 Listen again
Top tips for starting a business
Started or starting a new business or just thinking about it? If so, our webinar is for you. Hear from fellow ICAEW members who will share with you their journeys from taking the first steps, launching, then fast forward to running a successful businesses.
12 May 2022
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Other on-demand webinars and recordings

The information in these webinars reflects the understanding of ICAEW at the time of recording but things may have changed since that time. You should consult the latest guidance alongside a viewing of these on-demand webinars.

Event Date Recording
Climate Summit
There is no longer a question that climate change is having a real impact on society now and into the future. This week of virtual sessions will provide practical advice on how you as a finance professional can prepare for the transition to net zero, implement plans and drive ambitious action on climate and nature.
13-17 November 2023
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How to access finance to drive expansion overseas
A practical walk through of exporting finance options available to SME businesses.
6 June 2023
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Make your advisory indispensable: using grants to add value
Find out what grants are available for your clients and add value to their business.
25 May 2023
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Energy and the affordability of net zero
Explore how affordable it is to decarbonise your operations and the support available, including financial aid, for your business.
23 March 2023
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Demystifying Apprenticeships: what, why, how and the practicalities
From their central role in the levelling up agenda to their vital importance in meeting labour market shortages, apprenticeships were never far from the news in 2022..
16 March 2023
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The role of internal audit in uncertain times
Hear about common red flags and risks that can be associated with uncertain times and learn how your organisation could use an internal audit function to address them.
21 February 2023
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Why cyber security makes good business sense
An opportunity to hear first-hand from the City of London Police what they are seeing on the ground in relation to cyber attacks on small and medium sized businesses.
14 February 2023
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Supply Chain Cyber Security Series
Your business is only as secure as its weakest link. Watch this series to understand and manage supply chain cyber security risk.
28 September - 2 November 2022
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Essentials CPD Virtual Programme 2022: Hot Topics in Small and Micro Entity Reporting
Although now well established, UK GAAP still presents a raft of challenges for small entities applying FRS 102 Section 1A and micro entities applying FRS 105. This seminar will help navigate through the practicalities.
21 October 2022
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Essentials CPD Virtual Programme 2022: Financial reporting for small companies
This session is an update and refresher targeted at small companies. It is for all accountants in practice or industry and commerce who prepare financial statements under UK GAAP for small companies.
18 May 2022
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Evaluating the risk of cyber-crime and data breach
Are you doing enough to manage the risk of cyber-crime and data breach in your business? Marsh Commercial will focus on the risk of cyber specifically to small practitioners, and may highlight the gaps in your cover that are leaving your business exposed.
6 April 2022
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