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Paris-aligned accounts

The Paris Agreement aims to achieve net zero emissions globally by 2050. Reaching these goals will require action from all. ICAEW explores how accountants in business and practice can align corporate reporting to the Paris Agreement objectives.

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A striped golden-yellow field with hay bales 23 Nov 2021
Accountability and the Paris Agreement

A session recording from ICAEW's Climate Summit looking at how financial statements can promote accountability and behavioural change, what types of emissions should be included, and wider environmental impacts.

A striped leaf 23 Nov 2021
Financials remain woefully short on climate information

Barbara Davidson, Senior Analyst – Regulatory and Accounting at the Carbon Tracker Initiative says that without an understanding of the impact of energy transition on company financials, the extent of capital at risk – and whether funds are being allocated to unsustainable businesses – remains largely unknown.

A field covered with rows of solar panels. 19 Nov 2021
Paris-aligned accounts: more guidance and consensus needed, says EY partner

More explicit guidance is needed on how to reflect the impact of climate risk and the energy transition within financial statements, says Gary Donald, Partner at EY, Global Oil & Gas Assurance Leader.

Striped leaves 15 Nov 2021
Climate change is paramount for annual reporting

Climate change and energy transition is the biggest challenge the world is facing. It is paramount for Shell and front of mind when developing its annual report and financial statements, says Edwin Kunkels, Vice President Group Reporting and Deputy Controller at the company.

Two zebra 04 Nov 2021
Address nature in the accounts or there will be no planet

Mark Gough, Chief Executive Officer of the Capitals Coalition, says Paris alignment is important, and for it to be successful, it must address climate, nature and people.

Tall slim silver birch trees with orange-yellow leaves, growing up in parallel. 03 Nov 2021
What does the Paris Agreement mean for the profession?

Whether your contribution to the Paris goals is as a preparer, auditor or investor, should your role be limited to carbon reduction alone, or should it be extended to wider sustainability issues, such as accounting for nature loss? We ask Natasha Landell-Mills.

A striped rosemary beetle 28 Sep 2021
ESG reporting for real estate investments and COP26

What does the rise in Environmental, Social and Governance reporting mean for property investors when there is no internationally recognised standard approach? And what changes are expected in the coming months and years?