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Sustainable business

We support sustainable business to deliver long-term economic value. We are concerned about sustaining prosperity in the long term – not delivering short-term gain. We have a broad perspective of the factors that influence economic success and understand the social, environmental and organisational context in which economies function.

As a professional membership organisation, we represent a common voice for our members and the profession. Our role is to advance the theory and practice of accountancy, finance and business around the world. We believe that as a profession we should support economic development and prosperity.

We bring people together to share their views on sustainability, are involved in research, and produce guidance for the wider business community on sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our goal is to develop better information to assess and enhance the contribution business is making to a sustainable world.

Acting responsibly and with integrity is core to how we do business. We believe financial literacy is essential to long-term economic success. We engage in various activities and programmes which support individuals, organisations and communities around the world.

We support our members by offering a wide range of products, services, events, information and resources. This helps sustain both their business, and the communities in which they operate. We also engage in commercial activities and partnerships which supports the continuous development of our organisation.

We promote sustainable business practices, to ensure prosperity for future generations.