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Artificial intelligence industry press

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Regulation of AI is inevitable

Article discusses looming deeper regulation of AI and what companies can do to implement AI based on the proposed frameworks while ensuring safety and trustworthiness for customers.

China's AI boom

China's manufacturing industry is innovating, and that will upend production everywhere. The country's economic recovery from its short pandemic blip has been aided by its adoption of artificial intelligence (AI).

Getting more from your marketing AI

Article discusses how you can get more from your use of Artificial Intelligence in marketing where AI's abilities may not be being leveraged effectively.

UK taskforce calls for GDPR protections on automated decision-making to be cut

Article discusses the UK’s Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform recommendation that safeguards against automated decision-making contained in the General Data Protection Regulation are scrapped as it hampers 'much needed progress'.

How GCHQ proposes to implement and use ethical AI

Article discusses GCHQ's investment in automated threat detection and response systems to meet rising threats against the UK. This uilises ethical AI that is unimpeded by historical bias ensures that the AI’s outcomes are fair and rational.

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Internet of Things

A data driven approach to the pandemic

The article discusses how management accountants and other professionals are leveraging new technologies like data analytics to resolve issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic in their professions. Also cited are the digital strategies that can be used by professionals and businesses like cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and natural language processing, and how data analytics can be used in sectors like healthcare, finance and accounting, and retail.

IoT adds preservation support for the tomb of Tutankhamun

Article describes how Internet-of-Things technology is helping a team of geologists from Canada's York University and the University of Zurich to ensure that the Valley of Kings heritage site maintains structural stability.

AI and IoT are ready for your warehouse

Article looks at how a combination of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet-of-Things is ready to be introduced to the warehouse - enabling them to keep pace with rapidly shifting supply chain dynamics.

How to mitigate IOT security risks to tap business benefits

Article looks at how security concerns are preventing many businesses from adopting internet of things-based technologies – but with a planning, the business benefits can be realised by mitigating the risk.

AI, the IOT, content and opportunity

Article looks at the convergence of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and content and the complex ethical questions that this raises, The opportunities arising are also looked into with the potential for gains in efficiency, engagement and productivity.

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Robotic Process Automation

Retailers fast-tracking robotic automation post Covid

The retail industry is likely to speed up adopting new robotic technology due to the Covid-19 pandemic, industry research indicates.

How RPA is getting smarter as it evolves

Article looks a at the prospects and limitations of Robotic process automation as it is evolving and adding artificial intelligence layers that render it more resilient and agile.

RPA is ready for its close-up

Article looks at how robotic process automation is delivering big benefits for accountancy firms and is not out to replace employees but to augment their roles and allow them to focus on higher value work.

Upskilling with RPA: prepare for the technologies that will change the face of finance and accounting

The article discusses the emerging use of robotic process automation (RPA) in finance and accounting processes and emphasises the importance for finance professionals to understand how to play a role in RPA implementation.

Robotic Process Automation: bringing on bots to enhance a CPA's work

The article offers information on the robotic process automation (RPA) technology that is the combination of existing technologies into easy-to- use automation platforms. It looks how RPA will impact on the work of accountants, reducing the amount of time spent on basic data processing and allowing them to work on more strategic and impactful decision-making tasks.

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