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Cyber security: addressing a key business risk

Cyber threats and how to mitigate the risk

About the video

Join Mark Taylor and Kirstin Gillon of ICAEW, and Paul Rolison, ACA, of Cyber Strategies Ltd, for the third in our series of IT Faculty ‘Tech Talks’, this time on the subject of cyber security and the importance to all businesses.

In this talk, we discuss some of the threats from cyber crime, the potential impact on a firm and some of the steps that your organisation can take to protect its self.

Kirstin has written all five of ICAEW’s Audit Insights reports on cyber security. Paul is the primary IT Strategy & Cyber Security Assessor with Cyber Strategies Ltd, which is based in London and provides specialist consultancy to professional firms and SME organisations throughout the UK.


An outline approach to cyber security for smaller firms:

  1. Appoint a senior member of the management team responsible for Cyber Security.
  2. Create a project to achieve Cyber Essentials question set and/or ICAEW 10 Steps to Cyber Security for Smaller Firms.
  3. Challenge the IT Team (internal or external) to produce a Gap Analysis report against Cyber Essential or the 10 Steps.
  4. Implement changes as required.
  5. Add Cyber Security reporting to the regular senior management meeting agenda.
  6. Continuously assess cyber risk and amend training, policies, procedures and technology accordingly.

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