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Why cyber security makes good business sense


Published: 13 Feb 2023

This webinar provides an opportunity to hear first-hand from the City of London Police what they are seeing on the ground in relation to cyber attacks on small and medium sized businesses.

Is there a link between good cyber security and business success? Do small and medium sized (SME) business have the same level of exposure to cybercrime as larger business? How can an SME business with limited resources implement good cyber security in the current economic climate?

These are questions that many SMEs grapple with when it comes to cyber security.

This webinar will look to answer these questions, exploring some of the biggest challenges SMEs have in addressing cyber threats (including limited resources) and providing information and guidance on how to successfully navigate these challenges for long term business success.

The webinar is tailored to small and medium sized businesses and charities and will look at addressing issues specific to these groups.

First broadcast on 14 February 2023


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