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Excel Community round-up - December 2020

Author: David Lyford-Smith

Published: 11 Jan 2021

Here are all the new Excel articles from the Excel Community in December 2020. Posts marked as public can be accessed by anyone; other articles are accessible to Excel Community & Tech Faculty subscribers and can be accessed by logging in to your ICAEW account.

Excel Tip of the Week

370 – VBA case study: Making an advent calendar (public)
We show how to use VBA to secretly randomise a list – and it doesn’t have to be a festive one!

371 – Revisiting ROW(S) and COLUMN(S) functions
Easily identify where a cell is or how large a range is, or create a counter that increases down a table.

372 – Creating a depreciation schedule
There are plenty of functions for depreciation in Excel, but somehow none of them are quite right.

373 – The Twelve Formulas of Christmas
For the festive season, we look over a dozen of the most essential formulas that you should know.

374 – VBA case study: Reordering worksheets
Rearrange the sheets in your workbook quickly and easily with this easy subroutine.

Other blogs

Separating text and numbers
Liam Bastick takes a deep dive into a complex formula to divide text and numbers in a mixed format cell.

Festive Excel – create your own Christmas cards
Simon Hurst shows how the variety of image options available in Office can help you create cards and more.

Creating custom functions using LAMBDA
Liam runs us through the newly-announced custom function maker, LAMBDA.

Excel, Teams, Zoom, PowerPoint, Power BI++ Sep-Nov 2020 new features (public)
MVP David Benaim explores and demonstrates all the new functionality across Microsoft 365 and more in the last three months.

Exploring charts (graphs) in Excel – Part 4: Enhancing line charts
John Tennent’s series continues with an examination of how to add some spice to simple line charts.

New Excel functions – business revolution or deckchair shuffle?
Simon critically assesses the newest Excel functionality and asks where the most value really is.

Don’t rely on AI
Simon closes out the year with some reflections on the limitations of Power Query’s AI.

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