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Excel Community group membership

The Excel Community is for professionals who use Excel and want to understand how to use it better. Joining the Excel Community as a group member will provide you with an Excel online training dashboard so you can monitor the training progress of your colleagues.

What do Excel Community group members receive?

Members of the community have access to:

  • Excel online training - tailored to each individual
  • Excel online training dashboard - so you can monitor the training progress of your team
  • A fortnightly e-bulletin that summaries all the latest Excel Community content
  • Weekly articles on how to use Excel better, specific areas of functionality and how to reduce risk
  • Technical publications
  • Free registration to Excel Community webinars and access to a back catalogue of recordings

Excel online training (provided by Filtered)

Filtered provides an online Microsoft Excel course that maximises the impact on its users and their businesses while minimising the time they spend training.

The Company Dashboard

The company dashboard monitors all employees’ progress throughout the course by showing you their Excel IQ levels, time spent and modules completed. You can choose to have employees use the filter or customise the course based on your training objectives. Employee progress can be downloaded into a .csv file for company analysis.

The Excel IQ

Our Excel IQ score is calculated in the same way as an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and every Filtered user gets two Excel IQ Tests as part of their training. The average score of test-takers is 100, and the spread of scores is adjusted so that 95% of candidates score between 70 and 130. One important advantage of this type of adjusted score – called a T-score – is that it can be compared meaningfully between different tests, because variations in the difficulty of questions are factored out. Crucially this means our tests reliably measure improvement in Excel, even though users answer a different set of questions before and after any training.

The Filter

The Filter is an algorithm that removes training material you don't need, leaving a much-distilled and highly relevant course. Choosing from 161 modules, the filter makes its selection by removing modules because they aren't necessary for a person’s work or because that person is already proficient in them. So the end result is that your employees will spend less time training while attaining the necessary knowledge for your business.

How much is membership?

Individual membership of the Excel Community is £63 + VAT until the end of 2022.

Group membership

Group membership is available for 10+ individuals from the same organisation. Pricing is dependent on how many people join from an organisation. The more people, the less is it per individual. For further details about group membership and its pricing, contact Tracy Gray – Senior Services Manager