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Experimental Excel - look, no formulae

Author: Excel community

Published: 04 Jul 2019

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The introduction of the Power Query tools to Excel in Excel 2010 made it possible to fully automate a range of spreadsheet processes that would have previously required extensive manual intervention, or the use of Visual Basic for Applications programming.

Broadcast in 2019

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In this webinar we will look at how to use these new tools to create a formatted set of management accounts by consolidating data from a set of individual Excel workbooks, and summarising it according to a pre-determined accounts structure. The aim will be to create a process that, as well as coping with normal monthly changes, will enable the results of an additional branch to be included in our accounts with no manual intervention in Excel.

As we work through the Power Query processes, we will compare them with the legacy Excel methods that we would previously have had to employ.

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