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AI - what does it mean for the future of accountancy?

Watch artificial intelligence expert Professor Moshe Vardi discuss the growth of AI and its impact on the accounting profession.

Watch the recording of the event

A recording of the event is now available for viewing.

What is covered?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is in the headlines every day, reflecting developments in areas as diverse as medicine and gaming. But what does it mean for accountants today and in the future?

Many argue that more intelligent systems will help accountants to provide more insight and move further up the value chain. More data, better predictions and more intelligent automation will enable accountants to deliver more value, focus on forward-looking analysis and provide greater leadership to businesses. Indeed, in a world of big data, these machine learning technologies will be essential to gaining insight from new and vast sources of data.

But there are also many fears that systems will increasingly take over complex decision tasks, leaving little for human accountants to do. While these systems do not replicate human intelligence, increasingly they produce outputs that far exceed the accuracy and consistency of those produced by humans. This is leading to many predictions about the long-term demise of profession such as accountancy.

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Join us to discuss these issues with Professor Moshe Vardi, an expert in AI from Rice University in the US. This interactive live-streamed event will also mark the launch of the IT Faculty's new report on AI and the future of accountancy.

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Artificial intelligence and the future of accountancy looks at the rise of artificial intelligence, its impact on the accountancy profession and how it can be utilised by accountants.


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  •  Professor Moshe Vardi

    Moshe Y. Vardi is Karen Ostrum George Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering and Director of the Kennedy Institute for Information Technology. His interests focus on automated reasoning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence with broad applications to computer science, including database theory, computational-complexity theory, knowledge in multi-agent systems, computer-aided verification, and teaching logic across the curriculum.

  •  Kirstin Gillon Technical Manager, ICAEW Tech Faculty

    Kirstin leads ICAEW’s thought leadership programme on IT. In this role, she researches how technology trends such as AI, big data and cyber security are influencing business and the accountancy profession. She produces a wide range of content on these themes, liaises with the academic and policy community on technology issues and organises topical discussion-based events. She joined ICAEW from PwC’s IT consultancy practice and previously worked at IBM as a project manager and business analyst.