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Cyber security and data protection for hybrid working

While many people are keen to return to the office after a year of home working, most employees want the option to work part of the week remotely.

Employers are keen to accommodate blended working because the past year has shown that productivity hasn’t fallen during the pandemic, and flexibility improves employee engagement and retention.

But hybrid working has risks unless tight security and clear procedures are put in place beforehand.

This webinar will outline the basic technological security measures members should have in place in order to protect staff and data while working both remotely and in the office.

The webinar will cover:

  • The technological solutions such as encryption and the use of VPNs, and needs of staff and the quality and efficiency of portable devices (phones and laptops).
  • The need to increase tech training so staff understand the risks of cyber attacks, data leakage, and use of unsafe apps.
  • Educating employees on other risks such as the use of personal emails for company info; printing at home.
  • Safety of home connections and using public networks.
  • Tech investment - relieving pressure on IT teams, automating manual tasks, and alerting employees to threats.
  • Physical risks in regard to travel with devices to and from the office.


Nick Moore, Cyber security and data lecturer at BPP University
Chris C, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

First broadcast on 24 May 2021