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Community webinars

Event Date Recording
The future of forensics
Discover how technology is reshaping forensic accounting, allowing for deeper investigations and strengthening financial crime detection.
21 May 2024
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International Valuation Standards (IVS): What do the January updates include?
Learn about the latest updates and revisions to the IVS.
20 March 2024
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Forensic & Expert Witness Conference 2023
A virtual day for UK forensic accountants and expert witnesses with a broad programme covering key issues affecting the expert community, the latest developments in crypto-asset investigations and providing essential legal and technical updates.
14 November 2023
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What you need to know about the civil litigation process
How familiar are you with the civil litigation process? Do you understand the steps involved or the terminology used?
6 July 2023 Listen again
The use of forensic technology
A comprehensive breakdown of some of the forensic technology available, their uses and limitations.
5 October 2022
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Auditors and professional negligence
Our speakers draw on their experience of audit negligence investigations, litigation, and the impact on the wider accounting industry.
3 March 2022 Listen again
Financial leadership against Fraud and Corruption
This webinar looked into how to lead the fight against fraud from our own standpoints.
7 October 2021 Listen again
Investigations and disputes into insolvent companies
This webinar outlines the process involved in investigations into insolvent companies and how forensic accountants can get involved.
20 July 2021 Listen again
"Follow the Money"
This on-demand webinar by International Fraud Detective Nigel Iyer, ICAEW member, will show everyone how they can follow the money, why everyone is a fraud detective and how accountants and auditors are perfectly placed to be a fraud fighting heroes which the world needs more than ever today.
26 May 2021 Listen again

Other webinars

Event Date Recording
Valuation Conference 2023
Learn about current developments in business valuation.
21 September 2023
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The expert in court
During this webinar we explore the developments that have taken place since 2020 and look at when experts carry out their duties well and not so well. The cases cover various disciplines but are all centred on the heavy responsibility that comes with the power that is wielded by the expert witness. With the privilege of being able to give opinion evidence comes the requirement for the highest professional standards.
28 March 2023
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The importance of a whistleblowing framework and how to respond when an employee raises a concern
This webinar discusses the importance of an effective whistleblowing framework, along with factors to consider when establishing such a framework and responding to concerns raised by employees.
22 March 2022 Listen again

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